We received a call a few days ago from a lady in Maple Valley that had ordered a rug and when the rug arrived it was easy to detect that it was damaged.  Based on our experience we have come to the conclusion that a fork lifted had punctured this rug during shipping.  The customer LOVED the rug so she reached out to us to see what a solution looked like.  Upon inspection of the wool rug we found that to much of the rug was damaged and to much material was missing/damaged to perform a repair.  So a creative solution we came up with was to re-size the rug.  Turns up, the customer was thrilled with this idea because the rug was to large for the customer home ANYWAYS!  Originally the wool rug was 13′.3″ by 10′.3″.  We decided to re-size this rug to just basically remove the damaged area.  We cut the rug down to 10′.7″ by 9′.6″ and two smaller rugs at 4′.6″ by 2′.6″ and the other at 3′.7″ by 2′.6″.  Here’s a few pics of the damage to the rug.

Wool rug repair in Maple Valley Wool rug repair in Maple Valley 2