Yesterday, we received a call from a landlord in Bellevue, WA with a pet odor concern.  His previous tenant had a cat with a serious bladder control issue.  Eager to get a new tenant in, the damage had to be repaired ASAP.  The feline’s bad habit had destroyed the carpet beyond a simple cleaning, so the homeowner replaced 1,100 square feet of carpet in hopes of fixing the issue.  Unfortunately, even with brand new carpet, the odor was still pronounced!

Baffled on what to do, the homeowner contacted Northwest Carpet Repair & Cleaning.  After listening to his dilemma, we analyzed the situation and quickly discovered why the odor was lingering.  There was urine in all corners of the house, which damaged not only the carpet, but also the tack strip and concrete foundation.  Northwest Carpet Repair & Cleaning removed the existing tack strip and sealed the concrete 2′ around the perimeter of the walls.  It was important to seal the concrete because its a porous surface and will retain liquids such as urine.  Once the sealant dried, new tack strips were installed and the carpet was re-stretched.

The pet odor was eliminated completely.  The homeowner was thrilled with Northwest Carpet Repair & Cleaning and quickly found new tenants.